Sculpture Of The Godforsaken Aeons

Sculpture of the Godforsaken Aeons

( Full-length )

1. Poison in a Golden Passion [download] [view lyrics]
2. Capture of Black Eden [download] [view lyrics]
3. Between the Arrows of Light [download] [view lyrics]
4. The Hand Over the Lantern [download] [view lyrics]
5. The Last Morrow Grows [download] [view lyrics]
6. Amidst the Harmony of Darkness [download] [view lyrics]
7. Paths of Memories (instrumental) [download]

2003 0.4.3.

Inlaid Dark Arches

Inlaid Dark Arches

( Demo EP )

1. Intro
2. The Canvas Under The Dark Arch [view lyrics]
3. An And (instrumental) [view lyrics]
4. Amidst The Harmony Of Darkness [view lyrics]
5. Langour In Caves [view lyrics]

1996 Full Metal Jacket