The Hand Over The Lantern

And the eye of fire is visible at night
Only the hand of the lantern is a name of life
Merged with the ghostly silhouette
He walks into the lost time
...fiery eye

Fiery if bearing it s souls
For which he seeks the dark spaces
Going round the places ... just like a wind
Seeking rest in the restless agony.

Enter… it is cold …the hibernation in a col

Wandering ...the shadows cast the small flame
Approaching crying voices ...burning signs!!!
... when a star dies out again…
Memories return to the thing that never was…
The end is drawing nearer, the feeling...!!!
The soul, the soul...embracing loneliness…
On the way to the dark peace

The zephyr now is whispering words
The last words on earth

He had written the words about the extinct light
Wedded to darkness he awaits before the obliterated signs
His effigy cries in the shadow but the flight is now initiated by the wicked ones
Paths overtaken by the night where the lantern does not shed light anymore...