Between The Arrows Of Light

How long is the distance
How many times
Deformed existence
For a wish divine
What are the heavens?
And the blind eyes of god
Now i am the spirit
Who suffers in this epoch

The chaotic passages
Are diverting rivers towards spectral seas
Between the dim light of grace
Then drowned you have been brave sick

It sends me away with the light
With which it meets me on the road to darkness
So that i see
How the unique is always in solitude

I know the one who outbursts in light
He has a face in sorrowful mood
Like each star it takes its own
Course all the way to the end

Fleshless brothers contaminate eternity with pestilence
I feel it… in my blood of tar that runs in my veins
And divine power is the only dimension in our look and touch
We protect all the other three hundred and fourteen from… god
The moments of sorrow have the taste of delight there
On the hills before the landscapes of hellish gloom by night

I know my sign is not a luminous face
And collision is my vision
Then planets turn into shining spheres
The voice of all old wisdoms
Are spelled out in the dark language of description
Conviction is burning everywhere…

The mutilated evolution of the soul’s energy
Is ecstasy born
Versus old matter of nature in chains

The structure of our souls does not allow horizons
And the candles that we hold have serpent forms in a dream
We call god’s own “her majesty”
And replace the universe with a new one