Capture Of Black Eden

I turned my glare up to heaven...
Everyting is changed...
In the final knowledge of eden.
The angels with burned out wings
So high...
The skies loose the blue pearls
They sail away with the matter in a sea of withering
Undone by the non-existing thing.

Earth of shadows...
Where time stands still
With the flight of the souls in front of flying angels
Drenched in the skyfall
Before weird miscegenation!

I turned my glare up to heaven...
I saw everything through chaotic sets
When eternity stretched out the palms of its hands

When did the grey dream begin
In order to change the lines of life?
My eden is a part of gloomy hope
Hope with gouged out eyes…
With morbidness the light imperceptibly penetrates the flesh...

Seven-coluored divine perversions
…sincerity without seven colours,
Purest sincerity
When dawn can fall eternally asleep
The lost seven colours...
This is what i encountered, this is what i saw !!!

The mongrel angels despise the creation of man
Their hell has been given like ours…
And war was born as well… by their soullessness
And our human nature

Heaven is a measure of earthly notion
Because up there it is the same as down below
Now the chariot of ravage runs with a nine-fold nimbus
And the day after will be no tomorrow
Presented by the oath of blood-tears!

And desire is coming back again...
I turned my glare up to heaven
When there was gloom in my eyes
I turned my glare up to heaven...
And my arms, they turned into black wings...