The canvas under the dark arch

The night presents sometimes the way – to the old hall
I get inside and give up the emptiness capturing the souls
And I feel the darkness has come long ago,
Entangled into loneliness – parts of a dream

The stare caresses the canvas
The flesh gets lighter as if it were dust
And you can hear the sagely whispering breeze
Let yourself go into the unknown and you will be led to them

Oh picture, show me the aeon
That perpetually hovers in my dream

In the picture I observe the unknown aeon
Still unfinished – time that is not yet build,
All embracing emptiness, perfect silence
I’ve given in, yearning to merge with them

I see the fading calendar, finishing its pages
Tearing off only the age – old memories
Time, slowing down its rhythm, turns its pages…
It will be the last one, beyond that – nameless field

And the earth will remain where the sorrow is preserved
I’ve given in to the breeze, I’ll cross the line and join them